Who Are We?

My name is Cheri & my husband's name is Todd.  We own and run all aspects of Shoeology.  We both have a love of creativity and good design.  Our ultimate goal here at Shoeology is to enable creative people like yourself to make their own shoes in their own home without any special equipment.  We would love for you to learn the art of shoemaking with us.  It is our goal to provide you with everything you need to make beautiful shoes right here at www.myshoeology.com

The Birth of Shoeology

Hmmm…. where do I begin?  I guess it all started in the year 2001 when I saw a cute little pair of handmade moccasins sitting in a very small boutique in Canada.  They were the cutest little things I ever did see…. who would have thought to make little shoes?!  Those sweet little moccasin were etched in my memory for years to come, however it was only after having my first daughter in 2006 that I decided it was time to try my hand at making some shoes.  There was only one problem…. I had no idea how to do it!  Patterns and information on how to make shoes were extremely limited.  So I just kind of started taking shoes apart and drawing my own patterns.  I quickly realized that making cute shoes without knowing all the little tricks was challenging and at times very frustrating too.  I kept at it though and so by the time baby daughter #2 came around in 2009 I decided I wanted to perfect my patterns, try them on real baby feet, and share my patterns and knowledge with the  world.  However without my wonderful and very supportive husband of 14 years, I may have never realized my dream!   He helped me get my patterns drawn up on the computer--- not a simple task!  Thus, at just the right time Sweet Pea Patterns on Etsy was born.  Wow, what a crazy year!  After the first 6 months of sweet success on Etsy, adult shoes patterns were all I could dream about in my sleep…. it was time to get busy once again.  However, I realized that without some kind of sole material that was abrasion resistant and waterproof, these would just be slippers.  I searched the world over to find the waterproof soling that I now sell!   The fun of designing continues on every week.  My husband and I are now working more as a team and coming up with "real" shoe designs that look and feel like "real" shoes.  Please check back often to see our latest developments!

Our Goal

Our goal is obviously to provide you with superior customer service, but in addition to that we want you to make awesome shoes!  We are constantly researching and developing new and simple ways to make a variety of shoes.

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